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Design Calendar is a design platform founded in 2017 by the designer Anton Wade. Originally, this platform was created to share the design events in the world. It is now the go-to platform for designers of all levels, offering the best design events, advice, and resources—all curated for free by designers, for designers. Its mission is to add as much value as possible to the design community, providing a hub where creativity and knowledge flourish.
The initial concept behind the new art direction was "Like a Designer’s Drawer’s Desk." Imagine the organised chaos of a designer's workspace—post-its, sketches, and a mix of quirky inspirations. Manon initially wanted to bring this to life, emphasising the raw, analog feel of tapes and textures.
Because the project wanted to attract all the designers, we decided to take a step back from this approach. We focussed on a more simplistic and modern take, by bringing some modular aspects of Swiss design, blending it with the lively, evolving spirit of bento design. The result is a brand that feels approachable, cool, and trustworthy.

Location: UK + Worldwide 
Integration + Webflow Development : ©MakeDo
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